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About Myself

I am a Software Engineer and energetic Technology Enthusiast always looking for something new to learn and I am on a quest to build a prominent career in the tech industry.

Straight to The Point

As a Full Stack Web Application Developer I have worked with many modern web technologies that builds most of today's web apps. I am passionate about my work and committed to deliver the best of my capabilities. Every project is equally significant to me and I try to make it my best work.

Most of my professional projects are done using PHP, Python and JavaScript. I am very keen towards learning and trying new trending tools and technologies. Although I started my career as a PHP developer, I did not confine myself only in PHP based work. I quickly adopted the web design aspect and frontend development skills using JavaScript and CSS. Later moved to frameworks like Vue and React. Currently my stack includes Python, Golang, JavaScript and TypeScript.

My new found passion is functional programming with Elixir. It is a great language to learn and work with. Phoenix is also a pretty nice framework. Enjoying the learning experience and every little bit of new insight in the ever growing tech world. Some of my other interests include Deep Learning, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Distributed Systems and Cyber Security. I am continuously learning so that I can utilize my knowledge and skills to develop reliable and effective software systems that truly solve our problems.

I can work with...

  • Programming Languages JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, Elixir, Golang
  • Databases MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis
  • Web Frameworks Laravel, Django, Flask, FastAPI, Phoenix
  • Frontend Frameworks Vue, React, Next, Svelte
  • DevOps Tools Git, Docker, CircleCI
  • Web Servers Nginx, Apache
  • Operating Systems Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora), Windows
  • Cloud Platforms AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, Heroku, Netlify
  • Other Interests Elm, Rust, Julia, Elastic Stack, Kubernetes


More of my Credentials

Professional Experience

Software Engineer

December 2020 - Present


HQ: Tokyo, Japan

Security Product Development
  • As a member of the Product Development team working on full stack web application development using JavaScript, Python and Golang.
  • Collaborate with R&D team and design and develop proof-of-concept and prototypes for software products
  • Taking ownership of software products throughout the full life-cycle of the products from idea to prototype to design to development to deployment etc.

Full Stack Developer

December 2019 - November 2020

Mulytic Labs GmbH

HQ: Munich, Germany

Serverless Application Development
  • Worked on full stack serverless application on AWS with Python and React.
Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Used many AWS services including but not limited to EC2, S3, ECS, CloudFormation, IAM, Lambda, Cognito, Amplify, Elasticsearch Service, SNS, SQS, CloudWatch, CloudTrail etc. on a daily basis.
Data Driven Full Stack Development
  • Worked with Python, Django, Flask, FastAPI, Streamlit, JS, React, D3JS etc. to develop data driven full stack applications.


April 2018 - November 2019

SAM Solution Limited

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Websites for Sam Solution (04/2018 – 09/2018)
  • Developed numerous dynamic websites for Sam Solution Limited using Laravel, CodeIgniter and Wordpress. Used JavaScript and JQuery for frontend development
eCommerce SaaS Platform (10/2018 – 03/2019)
  • This was a challenging project as I was the lead developer and had to work with Laravel and CodeIgniter simultaneously and aslo frontend using JQuery and JS and had to solve integration problems and maintain deployment on DigitalOcean, processing queues, scheduled tasks, emails using redis server on Ubuntu
Task Management System (04/2019 – 07/2019)
  • A complete task management system developed with Laravel 5 and VueJS for a renowned group of companies. Developed the complete frontend with Vue and Vuex. I consider it to be one of my best works. Focused highly on UX and application security.

Jr. Software Engineer

February 2017 - February 2018

RRMSENSE Global Systech Limited

A concern of RRM Group, Dhaka, Bangladesh

ERP Software of RRM Group (03/2017 – 02/2018)
  • Worked in the core development team that developed the in-house HR Management and Sales Management web application using PHP, MySQL and JavaScript


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